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Please find below a comprehensive list of documentaries, videos, articles and books for everything you essentially need to know about a Resource Based Economy and a move towards a Scientific Worldview. All the links have been checked and confirmed working at the time of writing this.

The books are mostly PDF format and available for free download via the hyperlinks, the video's are mainly YouTube with some other smaller video publishing platforms, the articles vary in sources although the majority are main stream media outlets such as the UK Guardian.

If you come across any broken links or such please notify us at email:


Resource Based Economy / Libertarian Socialism

Value System / Social Relation

Critical Thinking / Skepticism / Scientific Method

Global Warming / Environmentalism



Work / Education / Lifestyle


Debunking Conspiracy Theories

Secularism / Humanism


External Resources

Philip Blair AKA Roader Haddock (on Facebook) full list is available here: Research Resources full list

In addition an extensive TZM resource is also available on Pearltrees